World music with old-time syncopation and a Celtic lilt.
Entwyned focuses on tight, innovative arrangements of traditional and modern tunes, allowing both musicians room to improvise. John and Twy play hand-crafted instruments built by ISI and optimized for both acoustic and amplified use. Entwyned can provide its own sound system appropriate for a large banquet hall-sized show.
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  John Paolillo began playing guitar as a teenager but soon adopted mandolin as his primary instrument for the wandering minstrelry he enjoyed. He developed a style of modal improvisation from playing an appalachian dulcimer (one of several hand-built by his father), which he transferred to Greek and later Irish bouzouki. This experience initiated an ongoing process of experimentation with mandolin family instruments, including varied stringings and tunings. John plays mandola, bouzouki, and mandocello in Entwyned (and occasionally other instruments).

Twy Bethard started reading music and studying piano before kindergarten, and learned fiddle tunes from her father. Music was important in her family - the small house often held three pianos. She has played fiddle and sung in various bands, including Ironwood and Coyote Cowgirls. She enjoys old-time, bluegrass, Celtic, and other jams, and knows hundreds of tunes.

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